Monthly Archives: January 2017

SF To Be Translated

I’ve added a new page to this site that I’m calling “To Be Translated”: it’s a list of works of speculative fiction that have yet to be translated into English. Hopefully this list will lead to more translations! Let me know what I should add 🙂 To Be Translated

Tor Post: Roundtable on Speculative Fiction in Translation

I had the privilege of speaking with Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld Magazine), Cristina Jurado (SuperSonic), Sarah Dodd (Samovar), Cheryl Morgan (Wizard’s Tower Press), Julien Wacquez (Blind Spot Magazine), and Marian Womack (Nevsky Books) about the current state of speculative fiction in translation. Read the roundtable here: “Roundtable on Speculative Fiction in Translation: Past, Present, Future.”