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Shimon Adaf                Nir Yaniv

Ofir Touché Gafla        Vered Tochterman

Nava Semel                  Lavie Tidhar

Orly Castel-Bloom       Amos Kenan

Guy Hassan                 Yoav Blum

Hillel Damron              Hagar Yanai

Dror Burstein              Amos Oz

Keren Landsman        Rotem Baruchin

Mordechai Sasson      Savyon Liebrecht

Yael Furman               Nitay Peretz

Shay Azoulay             Uzi Weil



Jessica Cohen                 Gili Bar-Hillel

Lavie Tidhar                   Didi Chanoch

Margalit Rodgers             Dalya Bilu

Anthony Berris                Ira Moskowitz

Mitch Ginsberg               Gabriel Levin

Emanuel Lottem



“Burn Alexandria” by Keren Landsman, translated by Emanuel Lottem (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“Hunter of Stars” by Nava Semel, translated by Emanuel Lottem (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“In the Mirror” by Rotem Baruchin, translated by David Chanoch (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“The Stern-Gerlach Mice” by Mordechai Sasson, translated by Emanuel Lottem (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“A Good Place for the Night” by Savyon Liebrecht, translated by Sondra Silverston (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“A Man’s Dream” by Yael Furman, translated by Nadav Miller Almog (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“My Crappy Autumn” by Nitay Peretz, translated by Emanuel Lottem (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

“They Had to Move” by Shimon Adaf, translated by Emanuel Lottem (in Zion’s Fiction, 2018)

Excerpt from The Coincidence Makers by Yoav Blum, translated by Ira Moskowitz (St. Martin’s Press, March 2018)

Jacob Wallenstein, Notes For a Future Biography” by Shay Azoulay, translated by the author (The Short Story Project, April 2017)

“Another Love Story” by Uzi Weil, translated by Sondra Silverston (The Short Story Project, March 2017)

“Ishmael” by Shimon Adaf, translated by Leanne Raday (The Short Story Project, September 2016)

“Smile of the Monster,” by Ido Sokolovsky, translated by Yehudit Keshet (The World SF Blog, June 2013)

“The Believers” by Nir Yaniv, translated by ?, in The Love Machine & Other Contraptions (Infinity Plus Books, 2012)

“Benjamin Schneider’s Little Greys” by Nir Yaniv, translated by Lavie Tidhar (Apex Magazine, November 2009_

“The Slows” by Gail Hareven, translated by Yaacov Jeffrey Green (The New Yorker, May 2009)

“The Levantine Experiments” by Guy Hasson, translated by ? (The Apex Book of World SF, 2009)

“Shira” by Lavie Tidhar, translated by the author (The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2008)

“Hunting a Unicorn” by Vered Tochterman, translated by the author (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 2003)



Dolly City (Castel-Bloom)

Isra Isle (Semel)

The World of the End (Gafla)

Sunburnt Faces (Adaf)

The Road to Ein Harod (Kenan)

The Coincidence Makers (Blum)

Zion’s Fiction: A Treasury of Israeli Speculative Fiction (eds. Teitelbaum and Lottem)

Sex War One (Damron)

Muck (Burstein)

Unto Death: Crusade and Late Love (Oz)

Human Parts (Castel-Bloom)