Spanish SF

This page focuses on the many award-winning works of contemporary Spanish speculative fiction that need to be translated and published in English. Translators, publishers, editors: you know what to do!


Challenger by Guillem López (Aristas Martínez, 2015)

“It is divided into seventy-three chapters, recalling the seventy-three seconds that the eponymous space shuttle was airborne before disintegrating, their prolegomena and consequences for a handful of characters. The concentration on this smallest of time-frames establishes the novel’s particular thesis: focus in depth on a particular slice of life, and its inexplicable edges will be vividly brought to life, the unnatural will end up revealing itself organically as a part of that very nature which had previously appeared to reject it. Telepaths, sects, mediums, sea monsters, and the suggestion of parallel realities all sit comfortably alongside realist tropes: suburban housewives, mafia bosses, corrupt or inept politicians, unethical lawyers… This is one of the great technical achievements of the book, and one that makes it stand out in the Spanish market, where genre writing tends to follow Todorov in its exploration of the fantastic as a disruptive element ‘entering the real’. Here the fantastic and the weird is not alien or distortional: it is born out of the very impossibilities and general messiness of real life, its wonders and sorrows, magnified in that instant at which life and death fatally interact, at a scale that touches a whole community, a whole country, even humanity itself.”- Marian Womack, Weird Fiction Review