Essays/Books About World SF




“Science Fiction in Tunisia I: Panorama of Tunisian SF” by Dr Kawthar Ayed, translated by Djibril al-Ayad, The Future Fire, 2017.

“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Egypt” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.



“Science Fiction in Bulgaria” by Rossie Decheva, Concatenation, 2006.



“The Asia Pacific SF Convention: A Door to the Future” by Francesco Verso, Samovar Magazine, 2018.

“Speculative Fiction in Translation: China” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“Understanding the Dynamics of China Through Science Fiction” by Frederike Schneider-Vielsäcker, De Gruyter, 2017.

“Science Fiction in China: 2016 in Review” by Feng Zhang, Amazing Stories Magazine, 2017.

“Raiding China’s Tomb Adventures” by Xueting Christine Ni, Global Literature in Libraries, 2017.

“Popular Genre Fiction in China, From the Monkey King to Tomb Robbing” by Heather Inwood, Global Literature in Libraries, 2017.

“Chinese Literature and Apocalyptic SF: Some Notes on Death’s End” by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu,, 2016.

“The ‘Heroic Translators’ Who Reinvented Classic Science Fiction In China” by Ken Liu, io9, 2015.



“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Czech Republic” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“Quo Vadis, Czech Speculative Fiction? A Roundtable Discussion” by Julie Novakova, Mithila Review, 2017.



“Danish Science Fiction Between 2004 and 2007” by Janus Andersen, Concatenation, 2007.



“Reading Finnish speculative fiction” by Jukka Halme,, 2008.



“Madame De Villeneuve and the Origins of the Fantasy Novel” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2017.

“Speculative Fiction in Translation: France” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“The Perils of Prophecy 2: The Great Indifference of the World” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2016.

“Nightmares of a Utopian: The Science Fiction of Régis Messac” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2016.

“The Appealed Apocalypse: Edgar Quinet’s Ahasvérus and the Uncertain Future” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2013.

“The French Origin of the Science Fiction Genre” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2012.



“The State of Current German Speculative Fiction: A Round Table Discussion” by Alessandra Ress, Mithila Review, 2017.



“Out-of-Body Experiences: Recent Israeli Science Fiction and Fantasy” by Michael Weingrad, Jewish Review of Books, 2018.

“Hebrew Speculative Fiction in Translation” by Rachel Cordasco, Global Literature in Libraries Initiative, 2017.

“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Israel” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“Israeli Sci-Fi is a Reality” by Raz Greenberg, Tablet Magazine, 2016.

“Riding Leviathan: A New Wave of Israeli Genre Fiction” by Michael Weingrad, Jewish Review of Books, 2014.

“Israeli SF 101” by Keren Omry, SFWA Review (306), 2013.

“Forcing the End: Apocalyptic Israeli Fiction, 1971-2009” by Adam Rovner, in Narratives of Dissent: War in Contemporary Israeli Arts and Culture (Wayne State University Press, 2012).

[abstract only] “Sociological Reflections on the History of Science Fiction in Israel” by Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Science Fiction Studies, 1986.



“SFF in Hungary” by Bence Pintér,, 2016.

“Geographic accidents: the Gregor Man trilogy by Péter Zsoldos” by Bogi Takács, Locus Magazine, 2012.



“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Italy” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“Special Issue on Italian Science Fiction” edited by Umberto Rossi, Arielle Saiber, and Salvatore Proietti, Science Fiction Studies, 2015.

“Italian Science Fiction 101” by Giulia Iannuzzi, SFWA Review (310), 2014.

“Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian Science Fiction” by Arielle Saiber, California Italian Studies, 2011.



“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Japan” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“Another Long and Winding Road: Translating Japanese Speculative Fiction” by Takayuki Tatsumi, UMP blog, 2012.



“Polish Speculative Fiction in Translation” by Rachel Cordasco, Global Literature in Libraries Initiative, 2018.

“The World According to Stanisław Lem” by Ezra Glinter, LA Review of Books, 2016.

“Balloon to Solaris” by Tomasz Kołodziejczak, translated by Stanley Bill, Words Without Borders, 2009.



“Recent Brazilian Science Fiction and Fantasy Written by Women” by M. Elizabeth Ginway, 2013.



“On Romanian Speculative Fiction” by Mihai Adascalitei, Locus Online, 2012.



“The Daring Strugatsky Brothers, Practitioners of Outwardly Soviet, Covertly Jewish Science Fiction” by Marat Grinberg, Mosaic Magazine, 2018.

“Fantastika: An Update on Science Fiction and Fantasy in Russia” by Sibelan Forrester, Russian Studies in Literature, 2017.



“Fantastika and the Literature of Serbia: A Conversation with Zoran Živković” by Michael A. Morrison, translated by Alice Copple-Tošić, World Literature Today, 2011.



“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Cuba” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“Exorcising Cuba’s Future: A Conversation with Yoss,” by David Shook, World Literature Today, 2017.

“Special Issue on Spanish SF” edited by Sara Martín and Fernando Ángel Moreno, Science Fiction Studies, 2017.

“Speculative Fiction in Translation: Argentina” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2017.

“SF in Translation: Spain” by Rachel Cordasco, Book Riot, 2016.

“Elements of the Fantastic: Elia Barceló and Ricard Ruiz Garzón in Conversation” translated by Lawrence Schimel, Strange Horizons, 2016.

“Spanish Science Fiction” by Alejandro Mohorte and José Nieto, The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation, 2016.

“The Invention of Speculative Fiction in Spain” by Cristina Jurado, Apex Magazine, 2015.

“The Novel That Changed Spanish Science Fiction” by Sue Burke, 2013.

“Terra Incognita: A Brief History of Mexican Science Fiction” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Strange Horizons, 2010.

“Chronology of Latin American Science Fiction” by Yolanda Molina-Gavilán, Andrea Bell, Miguel Ángel Fernández-Delgado, M. Elizabeth Ginway, Luis Pestarini, and Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo, Science Fiction Studies, 2007.



“SF in Ukraine” by Michael Burianyk, Locus Magazine, 2018.



“Speculative Fiction, Translation, and Me” by Rachel Cordasco, Samovar Magazine, 2017.

“Roundtable on Speculative Fiction in Translation: Past, Present, Future” by Rachel Cordasco,, 2016.

“Ten Spec Fic Anthologies From Around the World” by Rachel Cordasco,, 2016.

“Reconfiguring the Wisdom of the Ancients: Annotated Poetry, Erasmus Darwin, and the Evolution of Scientific Romance” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2014.

“Gathered in Translation” by Ken Liu, Clarkesworld, 2013.

“Notes on the Origins of the Term “Scientific Romance” and Its Implications for the Development of Science Fiction” by Brian Stableford, NYRSF, 2013.

“Not Just Dragons and Wizards: Translations of Literary Fantasy” by Sarah Smith, World Literature Today, 2012.

“Unseen Mainland European SF Classics” Concatenation, 2010.

“How Do You Say ‘Uplift’ in French? A Look at Translation in Science Fiction” by Carol Pinchefsky, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, 2006.

On Global Science Fiction, Part 2, Science Fiction Studies, 2000.

On Global Science Fiction, Part 1, Science Fiction Studies, 1999.



Lingua Cosmica: Science Fiction From Around the World, edited by Dale Knickerbocker (University of Illinois Press, 2018)




With Both Feet on the Clouds: Fantasy in Israeli Literature, edited by Elana Gomel, Rani Graff & Danielle Gurevitch (Academic Studies Press, 2013)