Monthly Archives: October 2019

Review: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Volume 9: Upheaval By Yoshiki Tanaka

translated by Matt Treyvaud Haikasoru July 16, 2019 224 pages grab a copy * here be spoilers Aaaaand I still can’t believe that Yang Wen-li is dead. But moving on. Volume 9 picks up with Julian Mintz and his small community on Iserlohn also trying to move forward and establish their position in relation to

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Reviews of Short Fiction: September Edition

Each month, Daniel Haeusser reviews short works of SFT that appear both online and in print. He is an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Canisius College, where he teaches microbiology and leads student research projects with bacteria and bacteriophage. He’s also an associate blogger with the American Society for Microbiology’s popular Small Things Considered.

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Out This Month: October

SHORT STORIES “National Center for the Preservation of Human Dignity” by Youha Nam, translated from the Korean by Elisa Sinn and Justin Howe, Clarkesworld Magazine, October 1. “Song Xiuyun” by A Que, translated from the Chinese by Emily Jin, Clarkesworld Magazine, October 1. “How Alike Are We” by Bo-young Kim, translated from the Korean by

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