Jules Verne

Here’s a list of speculative fiction by Jules Verne, along with each text’s first English edition and any recent major new editions. (I’m not including his adventure novels).

Also see “Jules Verne’s English Translations” by Arthur B. Evans, Science Fiction Studies XXXII:1 #95 (March 2005): 80-104




Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864)

published by Henry Vickers in 12 installments of The Boys Journal in 1871/2




From the Earth to the Moon (1865)

translated by ?, 1867





Around the Moon (1869)

translated by Louis Mercier & Eleanor E. King (1873)





Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1869-70)

translated by Reverend Lewis Page Mercier

Sampson Low & Co., 1873



The Mysterious Island (1874-5)

translated by Agnes Kinloch Kingston and W. H. G. Kingston (1875)





Michael Strogoff (1876)

translated by Agnes Kinloch Kingston (published under her husband’s name: W. H. G. Kingston) (1876)




Off On a Comet (1877)

1877: translated by Ellen E. Frewer (Sampson Low- England); translated by ? (Scribner Armstrong- U.S., with the title Hector Servadac; Or the Career of a Comet); translated by Edward Roth (Claxton, Remsen, and Heffelfinger in two parts. Part I (October, 1877) was entitled To the Sun and Part II (May, 1878) Off on a Comet)




The Begum’s Fortune (1879)

translated by Agnes Kinloch Kingston and W. H. G. Kingston (1879)





The Steam House (1879-80)

translated by ? (1880)




The Green Ray (1882)

translated by ? (1883)





Mathias Sandorf (1885)

translated by (1885)

First unabridged edition 2007, ROH Press




Robur the Conqueror (1886)

translated by ? (1887)

translated by Alex Kirstukus (Wesleyan University Press, 2017)



The Purchase of the North Pole (1889)

translated by ? (1890)





The Carpathian Castle (1893)

translated by ? (1893)




Propeller Island (1895)

translated by William John Gordon (Sampson Low, 1896)




Facing the Flag (1896)

translated by Cashel Hoey (Sampson Low & Co., 1897)





Master of the World (1904)

translated by ? (1911)