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Anthologies/Collections single author Abe, Kobo. Beyond the Curve, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter (Kodansha USA, 1991). d’Arbaud, Jóusè. The Beast, and Other Tales, translated by Joyce Zonana (Northwestern University Press, 2020). Bakić, Asja. Mars, translated by Jennifer Zoble (Feminist Press, 2019). Beck, Zoë. A Contented Man and Other Stories, translated by Rachel Hildebrandt (Weyward Sisters

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Galician Fraga, Antonio Manuel. Tartarus, translated by Jonathan Dunne (Small Stations Press, 2019).   Georgian Adamashvili, Beka. Bestseller, translated by Tamar Japaridze (Dedalus, 2020).   German Alpers, Hans Joachim and Ronald M. Hahn. “End of an Era,” translated by Joe F. Randolph (Terra SF: The Year’s Best European SF, 1981). Amery, Carl. “Just One Summer,”

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