Your Favorite Works of Magical Realism in Translation


I put out a call on the social medias the other day for your favorite works of magical realism in translation and received some great recommendations. Here they are, in one handy post:



  • “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, translated by Gregory Rabassa
  • “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, translated by David Wyllie
  • Works by Isabel Allende
  • The Man With the Compound Eyes by Wu Ming-Yi, translated by Darryl Sterk
  • The Obscene Bird of Night by Jose Donoso, translated by Hardie St. Martin and Leonard Mades
  • Works by Jorge Luis Borges
  • The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, translated by Diana Burgin and Katherine Tiernan O’Connor
  • Works by Murakami
  • Works by Julio Cortázar
  • The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino, translated by William Weaver
  • Works by Laura Esquivel
  • Listening For Jupiter by Pierre-Luc Landry, translated by Arielle Aaronson and Madeleine Stratford

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