Out This Month: December

SHORT STORIES “Symbiosis Theory” by Choyeop Kim, translated from the Korean by Joungmin Lee Comfort, Clarkesworld Magazine, December 1.           “The Kiss of the Water” by Malena Salazar Macia, translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei, Mithila Review, December 1.     COLLECTIONS       NOVELS     REVIEWS  

New Issue of the SFRA Review

Check out the latest SFRA Review, which includes my regular column on the “SF in Translation Universe,” Mengtian Sun’s essay “Liu Cixin’s Alien Encounter SF as Postcolonial Fantasy,” Cait Coker’s review of Readymade Bodhisattva: The Kaya Anthology of South Korean Science Fiction, and my review of Lingua Cosmica.      

Out This Month: November

SHORT STORIES “Sentinel” by Chang-Gyu Kim, translated from the Korean by Charles La Shure, Clarkesworld Magazine, November 1. “Operation Spring Dawn” by Mo Xiong, translated from the Chinese by Rebecca Kuang, Clarkesworld Magazine, November 1.       “The Checkers Player” by Ada Rémy and Yves Rémy, translated from the French by Edward Gauvin, Words Without Borders,

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Review: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Volume 9: Upheaval By Yoshiki Tanaka

translated by Matt Treyvaud Haikasoru July 16, 2019 224 pages grab a copy * here be spoilers Aaaaand I still can’t believe that Yang Wen-li is dead. But moving on. Volume 9 picks up with Julian Mintz and his small community on Iserlohn also trying to move forward and establish their position in relation to

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