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Out This Month: November

SHORT STORIES “Lajos and his Bees” by K.A. Teryna, translated from the Russian by Alex Shvartsman (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November/December)         “City of Eternity” by Pan Haitian, translated from the Chinese by Carmen Yiling Yan (Clarkesworld, November 1)           ANTHOLOGIES Sinopticon: New Chinese Science

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Out This Month: December

Pathological by Wang Jinkang, translated by Jeremy Tiang (AmazonCrossing, December 27) “On the surface, the life of young scientist Mei Yin seems perfect. She runs her own research institute in China, she’s getting married, and she founded an orphanage that helps hundreds of girls. But Mei Yin has a dark secret—three vials of “Satan’s gift,”

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