Out This Month: December


Pathological by Wang Jinkang, translated by Jeremy Tiang (AmazonCrossing, December 27)

“On the surface, the life of young scientist Mei Yin seems perfect. She runs her own research institute in China, she’s getting married, and she founded an orphanage that helps hundreds of girls. But Mei Yin has a dark secret—three vials of “Satan’s gift,” a deadly smallpox virus left over from Russian scientific research conducted during the Cold War. She’s determined to find a vaccine, even if that means endangering those she holds dear. Zia Baj, a terrorist educated in the West, has also obtained Satan’s gift. But he’s not looking for a cure—instead, he plans to exact revenge and start a war. So he unleashes the virus in an American classroom. At the same time, thousands of miles away, the children of Mei Yin’s orphanage fall ill. Soon authorities realize that this is no ordinary outbreak: it’s the start of an epidemic. How are the two cases linked? And can a worldwide pandemic be stopped?”




“Painter of Stars” by Wang Yuan, translated by Andy Dudak (Clarkesworld Magazine)





“The Path to Freedom” by Tang Fei, translated by Xueting Christine Ni (Read Paper Republic)

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