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Out This Month: January

SHORT STORIES   “No One at the Wild Dock” by Gu Shi, translated from the Chinese by S. Qiouyi Lu (Clarkesworld, January 1)         “Devour Me” by Yuki Fuwa, translated from the Japanese by (World Literature Today, January)           “City Lights” by Yilun Fan, translated from the Chinese

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Review: The Ark Sakura by Kōbō Abe

translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter first English translation: Alfred A. Knopf, 1988 my version: Penguin Classics Science Fiction, 2020 384 pages grab a copy here or or through your local independent bookstore or library   I’ve read much about the great Japanese speculative author Kōbō Abe, but I hadn’t read anything by him. Thanks to

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I reviewed the wonderful anthology Elemental for Strange Horizons. Here’s an excerpt from the review: Elemental—with stories translated from the Hebrew, Norwegian, Persian, Japanese, Kurdish, German, French, and Polish—is a lovely and sometimes disturbing exploration of the intersection of humanity and nature. This book, according to Two Lines, asks, “How can we understand our complex,

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Review: Fast Forward Japan by Juza Unno

translated by J. D. Wisgo Arigatai Books June 21, 2021 162 pages grab a copy here or or through your local independent bookstore or library   Read more about Juza Unno and the translation of these stories here. “Four Dimensional Man” “The World in One Thousand Years” “The Theory of Planetary Colonization” “Mysterious Spatial Rift”

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Out This Month: April

SHORT STORIES “Catching the K Beast” by Chen Qian, translated from the Chinese by Carmen Yiling Yan (Clarkesworld, April 1).           “The Hat Stand” by Diaa Jubaili, translated from the Arabic by Chip Rossetti (World Literature Today, Spring 2021).         “The Final Test” by Ti Sha, translated from

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