Out This Month: May



“Gamma” by Oskar Källner, translated from the Swedish by Gordon James Jones (Clarkesworld, May 1)

“The Possibly Brief Life of Guang Hansheng” by Liang Qingsan, translated from the Chinese by Andy Dudak (Clarkesworld, May 1)






The Shining Sea by Suzuki Koji, translated from the Japanese by Brian Bergstrom (Vertical, May 31)

A young woman who attempted suicide by drowning has lost her memory and ability to speak. Her lover, a young man, is on a pelagic tuna fishing boat. What happened between them?

Nobody knows their own destiny. But what if you discover you only have a low chance of being happy in life?

From renowed author Koji Suzuki, the creator of the Ring series..





Rachel Cordasco reviews More Zion’s Fiction in World Literature Today






Brianna Di Monda reviews When I Sing, Mountains Dance in Full Stop







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