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Out This Month: July

Pink Slime by Fernanda Trías, translated from the Spanish by Heather Cleary (Scribner, July 2) In a city ravaged by a mysterious plague, a woman tries to understand why her world is falling apart. An algae bloom has poisoned the previously pristine air that blows in from the sea. Inland, a secretive corporation churns out

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Out This Month: April

“The Rambler” by Shen Dacheng, translated from the Chinese by Cara Healey (Clarkesworld, April 1) The Book Censor’s Library by Bothayna Al-Essa, translated from the Arabic by Ranya Abdelrahman and Sawad Hussain (Restless Books, April 30) A perilous and fantastical satire of banned books, secret libraries, and the looming eye of an all-powerful government. Oracle

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