The SFT Podcast

Behold: the Speculative Fiction in Translation Podcast, hosted by the Skiffy and Fanty network

Each month, Daniel Haeusser and I will fill you in on the latest from the SFT world, including info on new books, short fiction, reviews, and more. We’ll also speak with translators, authors, editors, and publishers about their perspectives on sf in translation. Each episode will be about 30-40 minutes, and you’ll even get to hear my odd Mid-Atlantic/Midwestern mashup accent!

Episode 1: Introductions (2/14/18)

Episode 2: Biohorror and Dwarves (3/14/18)

Episode 3: Ken Liu, Croatia, Catalonia (4/18/18)

Episode 4: Francesco Verso, Italy, and Japan (5/16/18)

Episode 5: Frankenstein, Future Fiction, and WisCon (6/25/18)

Episode 6: Japan in June (7/18/18)

Episode 7: Croatia, Quebec, and Condomnauts (8/23/18)

Episode 8: Solarpunk, Nexhumans, and Ball Lightning (9/15/18)

Episode 9: Co-Hosts and Anthologies (10/17/18)

Episode 10: Iceland and Gothic Fantasy (11/9/18)

Episode 11: New Year, New Translations, Plus Andy Dudak (2/15/19)

Episode 12: Fantasy, Collections, and Korean SFT (3/22/19)

Episode 13: Spanish Sherlock Holmes (4/19/19)

Episode 14: Biological and Artificial (6/4/19)

Episode 15: An Interview with Julia Meitov Hersey (7/23/19)

Episode 16: Looking Back on the Summer’s SFT (9/23/19)