To Be Translated

These works of speculative fiction need to be translated into English. Translators, you know what to do!

French SF

Hebrew SF

Hungarian SF

Italian SF [click here for more]


Spanish SF



Worm in an Autumn Wind by Valentin Ivanov

Fantastika 2009, ed. Atanas P. Slavov and Lakin Nenov

The Kindness Factor by Kancho Kozhuharov


My Homeland Does Not Dream by Han Song

2066: Red Star Over America (2000) by Han Song

Red Ocean (2004) by Han Song

Subway (2010) by Han Song

Cheng Jingbo

Crane Iron Pentalogy by Wang Dulu (1938 to 1942)


Express Train 24.12 by Jan Poláček

The Masters of the Universe, ed, Ivan Adamovic

Labyrinth by Pavel Rensin

Black Frost by Stepan Kopriva

Capricorn 70 anthology, edited by Robert Pilch

Mycelium by Vilma Kadlečková

Last Watch by Tomáš Petrášek

Konstantyn’s Effect by Karolina Francová

Puzzle by Chaim Cigan

The Listener by Petra Stehlíková

Atschul’s Method by Karol Efraim Sidon


Mount Copenhagen by Kaspar Colling Nielsen

Marskens Konge by Alex Uth

De underjordiske by Thomas Stromsholt

Drommetid by Richard Ipsen

Diget by Teddy Vork


En tunne sinua vierelläni (I don’t feel you beside me) (Teos, 2010) by Tiina Raevaara

The Explorer and Other Stories (1999) by Jyrki Vainonen

Pimeä maa (Out of the Land of Darkness) (1995) by Maarit Verronen

Bright and Clear by Maarit Verronen

Dream Releaser Florian by Jani Saxell


The Straggler by Yves Petry


Plaguers by Jeanne A. Debats

Druid by Olivier Peru

Forets Noires by Roman Verger

Rosee de feu by Xavier Maumejean

Janua Vera by Jean-Philippe Jaworski

Gagner la guerre by Jean-Philippe Jaworski

Sacra 1 and 2 by Léa Silhol

Latium by Romain Lucazeau

Les Nefs de Pangée by Christian Chavassieu

Dans les veines by Morgane Caussarieu

Je suis ton ombre by Morgane Caussarieu

Rivage des intouchables by Francis Berthelot

La saga d’Illyge by Sylvie Bérard

Rêves de Gloire by Roland C. Wagner’s

Le Goût de l’immortalité by Catherine Dufour

La Horde du Contrevent by Alain Damasio

Le Rituel du mépris by Antoine Volodine

Laurent Genefort’s Omale books

Ayerdhal and Jean-Claude Dunyach’s Étoiles mourantes

Suprématie by Laurent McAllister

L’homme a rebours by Philippe Curval

Le ressac de l’espace by Philippe Curval


Schatten über Fraterna by Andreas Hesse

Schaumschwester by Thor Kunkel

Hinterland, ed. Karla Schmidt

Ende der Nacht by Ralph Doege


Vered Tochterman

Kfor (Frost) by Shimon Adaf

Arim shel mata (De Urbibus Inferis) by Shimon Adaf

Sequoia Children by Gon Ben-Ari

Mesopotamia—Silence of the Stars by Yehuda Israely and Dor Raveh

Herzl Said by Yoav Avni

Demons in Agripas Street by Hagay Dagan

Every Story Is a Sudden Cat by Gabriela Avigur-Rotem

Broken Skies by Keren Landsman

Tzong Li’s Fifth by Yoav Avni

Hydromania by Asaf Givron

Eshtonot (The Book of Disorder) by Ofir Touché Gafla

Etsba’ot shel pesantran (Piano Fingers) by Yali Sobol

Alma by Roni Eshkol

Kesheha-meitim hazru (When the Dead Returned) by Ilan Sheinfeld


Moribito novels (3-10) by Nahoko Uehashi

Unbroken Arrow (final book in Yukikaze trilogy) by

more from Noriko Ogiwara’s Magatama trilogy

治療塔 by Ōe Kenzaburō


The Big Wolf Blue by Yun I-Hyeong

Love Replica by Yun I-Hyeong


The Chronicles of Rehua by Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira


Terms of Life by Ingeborg Arvola


Uprawa roślin południowych metodą Miczurina (Growing Southern Plants the Michurin Way) by Weronika Murek (Wydawnictwo Czarne, 2015)

“Wody głębokie jak niebo” (Waters as deep as the sea) by Anna Brzezińska

Extensa by Jacek Dukaj

Inne Pieśni by Jacek Dukaj

Vertical by Rafał Kosik

Holocaust F by Cezary Zbierzchowski

Perfekcyjna niedoskonałość by Jacek Dukaj

Limes inferior by Janusz A. Zajdel


Cristina Lasaitis

Liquid Paradise by Luiz Bras

Guerra Justa by Carlos Orsi

Cyber Brasiliana by Richard Diegues

Varadero y Habana maravillosa by Hernán Vanoli (Caballo de Troya, 2011)

—- Pinamar (Interzona, 2010)

—- Castores (Random, 2013)

La Construccion by Carlos Godoy

Kryptonita by Leonardo Oyola

Plop by Rafael Pinedo

El loro que podía adivinar el futuro by Luciano Lamberti (Nudista, 2012)

Fade Out by Tatiana Goransky

El jardin de las maquinas parlantes by Laiseca

Algazarra by Santiago Santos


Marian Coman

Michael Haulica


Wolfhound by Maria Semyonova

Spanish (Chile)

Elena Aldunate

Juana y la cibernética” [Juana and the Cybernetic] (1963)

El señor de las mariposas [The Lord of the Butterflies] (1967)

Angélica y el delfín [Angélica and the Dolphin] (1976)

Del cosmos las quieren vírgenes [The Cosmos Wants Them to Be Virgins] (1977).

Spanish (Cuba)

Daína Chaviano

Los mundos que amo [The Worlds that I Love] (1979)

El abrevadero de los dinosaurios [Dinosaur Trough] (1980)

Amoroso planeta [Loving Planet] (1983)

Historias de hadas para adultos [Fairytales for Adults] (1986)

Fábulas de una abuela extraterrestre [Fables from an Alien Grandmother] (1989)

El hombre, la hembra, y el hambre [Man, Woman, and Hunger] (1998)

País de dragones [Country of Dragons] (2001)

Extraños testimonios [Strange testimonies] (2017)

Spanish (Spain)

Rafael Marin

Akasa-Puspa series