SFT 2016 Stats


Stories in magazines/webzines

total: 73








Chinese- 20 (27.4%) (China)

published in: Clarkesworld, SQ Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, Pathlight, Tor.com, Paper Republic

Spanish- 14 (19.2%) (Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Spain)

published in The Short Story Project, Persistent Visions Magazine, Words Without Borders, Weird Fiction Review, SuperSonic, Strange Horizons, Weyward Sisters Publishing, World Literature Today, The New Yorker, SuperSonic Eurocon 2016

German- 6 (8.2%) (Germany, Austria)

published in Weird Fiction Review, Clarkesworld, Weyward Sisters Publishing, The Short Story Project, In Translation

Arabic, Dutch, French- 4 each (5.5%)

Arabic published in: The Common, The Offing, Words Without Borders, Strange Horizons

Dutch published in: Cyäegha

French published in: Blind Spot Magazine, Galaxy’s Edge

Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian- 3 each (4.1%)

Italian published in: Motherboard, SFinTranslation.com

Korean published in: Granta, Words Without Borders, The Guardian

Polish published in: Smokopolitan

Romanian published in: The Singularity, Aphelion, SFinTranslation.com

Japanese, Russian- 2 each (2.7%)

Japanese published in: Haikasoru.com

Russian published in: PodCastle, The Short Story Project

Bulgarian, Finnish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Yiddish- 1 each (1.4%)

Bulgarian published in: Electric Lit

Finnish published in: Finnish Weird 3

Hebrew published in: The Short Story Project

Ukrainian published in: Trafika Europe 7

Yiddish published in: Words Without Borders



Clarkesworld– 10 (13.7%)

Words Without Borders, Paper Republic- 6 (8.2%)

Strange Horizons, The Short Story Project– 4 (5.5%)

Blind Spot Magazine, Weird Fiction Review, SFinTranslation.com, Smokopolitan– 3 each (4.1%)

Haikasoru, Pathlight, Weyward Sisters Publishing– 2 each (2.7%)

SQ, Granta, The Common, Daily Science Fiction, Electric Lit, Tor.com, PodCastle, SuperSonic, The Guardian, The Offing, World Literature Today, The New Yorker, Motherboard, In Translation, Galaxy’s Edge, Cyäegha, The Singularity, Aphelion, Finnish Weird, Trafika Europe– 1 each (1.4%)


*         *        *

Stories in collections/anthologies

total: 75







Spanish- 26 (34.7%) (Argentina, Ecuador, Spain)

Castles in Spain (anth), Spanish Women of Wonder (anth), “The Squid Chooses its Own Ink,” “The Unmistakable Smell of Wood Violets,” “The Waves,” “Mechanopolis”(The Big Book of Science Fiction), “Intellectual Property” (Dark Little Dreams: An Anthology of Dark Fiction), “Secret Stories of Doors” (Barcelona Tales)

Ukrainian- 15 (20%) (Ukraine)

The Fantastic Worlds of Yuri Vynnychuk (Vynnychuk)

Arabic, German- 7 (9.6%)

Arabic: A Contented Man and Other Stories (Beck), “The New Overworld,” Stairway to the Sun/Dance of the Comets (Scheerbart)

German: Iraq + 100 (anth)

Czech- 4 (5.5%)

Dreams from Beyond (anth)

Chinese, French, Japanese- 3 (4.1%)

Chinese: “Two Small Birds” and “The Poetry Cloud” (The Big Book of Science Fiction), “Salinger and the Koreans” (Tales of Our Time)

French: “Mondocane” and “The Elements of Pataphysics” (The Big Book of Science Fiction), “Cartoon” (Other Aliens)

Japanese: Saiensu Fikushon (anth)

Finnish- 2 (2.7%)

“In the Quiet of the Gardens” and “The Light in the Guest Room” (Other Aliens)

Catalan, Polish, Romanian, Russian- 1 (1.4%)

Catalan: “Team Memory” (Spanish Women of Wonder)

Polish: “Let Us Save the Universe (An Open Letter from Ijon Tichy)” (The Big Book of Science Fiction)

Romanian: “Children of God” (Street Magik)

Russian: “The Doom of Principal City” (The Big Book of Science Fiction)



Novels, Collections, Anthologies








Spanish- 10 (16.1%)
French, Japanese- 7 each (11.3%)
German- 6 (9.7%)
Russian- 5 (8.1%)
Chinese, Ukrainian- 4 (6.5%)
Arabic, Czech, Finnish, Hebrew, Korean, Serbian- 2 each (3.2%)
Bulgarian, Dutch, Icelandic, Italian, Romanian, Polish, various- 1 each (1.6%)








novels- 52 (83.9%)

Arabic (2), Bulgarian (1), Chinese (3), Czech (1), Dutch (1), French (7), German (4), Hebrew (2), Icelandic (1), Italian (1), Japanese (6), Korean (2), Polish (1), Romanian (1), Russian (5), Serbian (2), Spanish (8), Ukrainian (3)

collections- 3 (4.8%)

German (2), Ukrainian (1)

anthologies- 7 (11.3%)

Arabic (1), Chinese (1), Czech (1), Japanese (1), Spanish (2), various (1)

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