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SFT 2021 Stats

This year, I tried something different. Instead of just looking at how many short stories were published in magazines/webzines, and then grouping collections with novels and anthologies (while not pulling out the separate short stories in those collections), I decided to lay out how many short stories were published in zines and how many were

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SFT 2020 Stats

Despite being an awful year in many respects, 2020 did give us some wonderful SFT from all around the world, enriching the genre and introducing Anglophone readers to new authors and styles. From German high fantasy to Romanian steampunk, and from Spanish horror to Japanese magical realism, the SFT of 2020 showed us just how

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SFT 2019 Stats

While SFT comes to us from many different languages and nations, some continue to dominate year after year (Japanese, French, and Spanish). Japanese SFT made up the largest book-length chunk in 2019 (22.2%), with French (15.6%) and German (13.3%) coming in second and third, respectively. Short fiction, however, was dominated by Spanish (21.7%) stories, followed by

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SFT 2018 Stats

SFT 2018 Stats       Standalone Short SFT total: 67               Chinese- 21 (31.3%) published in Apex, Clarkesworld, F&SF, Future Science Fiction Digest, Lightspeed, MIT Technology Review, New Yorker, Samovar Spanish- 16 (23.9%) (Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela) published in Analog, Big Echo, Cascadia Subduction Zone,

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SFT 2017 Stats

  2017 has been a fantastic year for SFT! With novels and stories from Japan to Slovakia, there’s no shortage of wonderful things to read.     Standalone Short SFT total: 73               Chinese- 14 (19.4%) (China, Hong Kong) published in Clarkesworld, seat14c.com, Anomaly 25, LARB China Channel, Read

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