SFT 2019 Stats

While SFT comes to us from many different languages and nations, some continue to dominate year after year (Japanese, French, and Spanish). Japanese SFT made up the largest book-length chunk in 2019 (22.2%), with French (15.6%) and German (13.3%) coming in second and third, respectively. Short fiction, however, was dominated by Spanish (21.7%) stories, followed by Chinese (15.7%), and Korean (14.5%). We can specifically thank Clarkesworld for the steady run of Chinese and Korean short SFT; Samovar and Future Science Fiction Digest, both relatively new publications dedicated to international speculative fiction, have brought us stories translated from the Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Chinese. The Dark Magazine has dedicated itself to regularly publishing Spanish SFT, which can also often be found in the pages of Latin American Literature Today. In fact, SFT can be found in many diverse places, from major presses to major SF magazines and everywhere in between.


Standalone Short SFT

total: 84








Spanish- 18 (21.7%) (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

published in Menacing Hedge, Big Echo, Cascadia Subduction Zone, Bewildering Stories, The Dark, Teleport Magazine, SFinTranslation.com, The Short Story Project, World Literature Today, Clarkesworld, Words Without Borders, Mithila Review

Chinese- 13 (15.7%)

published in Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, Future Science Fiction Digest, Slate

Korean- 12 (14.5%)

published in Nabillera, Guernica, Clarkesworld, Words Without Borders, Samovar

Japanese- 7 (8.4%)

published in SFinTranslation.com, CommuterLit, Fanzine, Aphelion, Delos, HistoryRadio.org, Unfit Magazine

Russian and Italian- 6 each (7.2% each)

Russian published in Future Science Fiction Digest, Samovar, Amazing Stories, F&SF

Italian published in Unreal Magazine, World Literature Today, Words Without Borders, Future Science Fiction Digest

Portuguese- 4 (4.8%)

published in Idle Ink, Samovar, unfading daydream, Teleport Magazine

Romanian- 3 (3.6%)

published in Apex Magazine, SFinTranslation.com, Teleport Magazine

Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Polish- 2 each (2.4%)

Arabic published in The Short Story Project, Samovar

Bulgarian published in InTranslation, Future Science Fiction Digest

Dutch published in Unfit Magazine, Samovar

Polish published in Hazlitt, Przekrój

Belarusian, French, Indonesian, Swedish, Yiddish- 1 each (1.2% each)

Belarusian published in Przekrój

French published in Words Without Borders

Indonesian published in Words Without Borders

Swedish published in Future Science Fiction Digest

Yiddish published in In geveb









Clarkesworld– 16 (19.3%)
Future Science Fiction Digest- 9 (10.8%)
Words Without Borders– 8 (9.6%)
Samovar- 6 (7.2%)
SFinTranslation.com– 4 (4.8%)
World Literature Today, Teleport, The Dark- 3 each (3.6% each)
Bewildering Magazine, Przekrój, The Short Story Project, Unfit Magazine– 2 each (2.4%)
Amazing Stories, Apex, Aphelion, Asimov’s, Big Echo, Cascadia Subduction Zone, CommuterLit, Delos, F&SF, Fanzine, Guernica, Hazlitt, HistoryRadio.org, Idle Ink, In geveb, InTranslation, Menacing Hedge, Mithila Review, Nabillera, Slate, The Shadow Booth, unfading daydream, Unreal Magazine– 1 each (1.2%)


Novels, Collections, Anthologies








Japanese- 10 (22.2%)
French- 7 (15.6%)
German- 6 (13.3%)
Chinese- 5 (11.1%)
Korean- 3 (6.7%)
Hebrew- 2 (4.4%)
Arabic, Bengali, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian- 1 each (2.2%)








novels: 37 (60.7%)

Japanese (7), Spanish (5), Chinese (4), French (4), German (4), Portuguese (2), Arabic (1), Bengali (1), Czech (1), Finnish (1), Hebrew (1), Icelandic (1), Korean (1), Norwegian (1), Russian (1), Swedish (1), Tamil (1)

collections: 15 (24.6%)

French (4), German (2), Spanish (2), Croatian (1), Hebrew (1), Italian (1), Japanese (1), Korean (1), Slovakian (1), Telugu (1)

anthologies: 9 (14.8%)

Various (4), Japanese (2), Chinese (1), Korean (1), Romanian (1)


Total short SFT (standalone stories + stories in collections/anthologies)






2019: 169

2018: 185

2017: 133

2016: 105

2015: 89

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