2023 SFT: Year in Review

We’ve gotten so much SFT goodness this year, though not as much in years past, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I’m determined to look on the bright side and consider the fascinating array of languages and themes that have made their way into English, thanks to wonderful authors, translators, editors, and publishers.

The long-form SFT this year has included gothic stories and ghost stories, dystopian hospitals, transformation via nanites, space elevators, sludgy-horror, vampires, and much more. Translated from the Hindi, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Swahili, Catalan, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Kurdish, and Czech, these texts demonstrate just how universal speculative fiction has become. The short-form SFT is equally diverse, with stories translated from languages including German, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Here are some illustrative pie charts on which you may feast your eyeballs:

SHORT-FORM (short stories in magazines/online publications)


LONG-FORM (novels, collections, anthologies)

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