Spotlight: SFT on The Short Story Project Site

logo: The Short Story Project

I’m probably late to the party here, but I’ve discovered this fantastic site- The Short Story Project– that brings together talented writers, translators, critics, and others from around the world to give readers some of the best contemporary and classic short fiction out there. “And is there any speculative fiction on this site?” you might ask. YES. A lot of great SFT, in fact. Below, I’ve listed some SFT featured on the SSP site, and I look forward to finding more. Enjoy!



“The Song We Sang Every Day” by Luciano Lamberti, translated from the Spanish by Frances Riddle

“Jacob Wallenstein, Notes For a Future Biography” by Shay Azoulay, translated from the Hebrew by the author

“Your Microwave” by Philipp Schönthaler, translated from the German by Amanda DeMarco

“The Spirit of Madame De Genlis (A Spiritualistic Occurrence)” by Nikolai Leskov, translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

“The Beautiful Thieves” by Martin Kluger, translated from the German by Sinéad Crowe

“Another Love Story” by Uzi Weil, translated from the Hebrew by Sondra Silverston

“In Broad Daylight” by C. P. Cavafy, translated from the Greek by Nicholas Kostis

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