FutureCon is here! September 17-20, 2020.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in this convention about science fiction as it is written, translated, and published around the world. With panelists from 25 different countries (so far!), FutureCon offers us an opportunity for a truly international discussion of the genre. Thanks to the organizers for setting all of this up!



Here’s the panel I’m moderating, but be sure to check them all out!

Science Fiction in Translation: A Hidden Treasure to Innovate the Genre

THURSDAY, 2nd panel

Beijing: 11pm | Moscow: 6pm | Rome: 5pm | Lagos: 4pm | Brasilia: 12pm (noon) | New York: 11am | Los Angeles: 8am

(M) Rachel Cordasco (US)

Cheryl Morgan (Wales – UK)

Cristina Macía (Spain)

Emily Jin (China)

Raul Ciannella (Italy)

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