SF in Translation is Looking for Flash Fiction

unclesamGather round, everybody! SF in Translation is looking to publish speculative flash fiction on this site, either in English translation or the original language in which it was written.

If, for example, you’ve recently translated a piece of French speculative flash fiction and it needs a good home, please send me the original French text and the translated text. On the other hand, if you’ve written a piece of flash fiction in French (again, this is still an example- all languages are invited) and you haven’t had it translated yet or you’re looking for a translator, send it to me and I’ll reach out to people to see if I might find a translator for it.

Basically, this is my way of trying to find some great content to spotlight on the site and introduce readers to new authors or new pieces from well-established authors.


Length: 1000 words or less (because, you know, flash fiction)

No explicit content, though (most) curse words are perfectly fine

Rights: the piece can either be unpublished or the author must own the rights (i.e. I don’t want any copyright troubles, y’all)


Send me your stuff! rcordasc [at] coglib [dot] com . I can’t pay you in dollars, but I will share these stories all over the social medias 🙂

I plan to post one per week, and will let you know when your piece is scheduled.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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