Samovar: A New Imprint For Speculative Fiction in Translation

sh_headYou may have read the recent Strange Horizons editorial in which editor Niall Harrison announces, as part of the magazine’s fund drive, the publication of Samovar, an imprint that will focus on sf in translation. Here’s the announcement:

…we’re delighted to announce a partnership with the proposed Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy and with University of Leeds’s “Reading the Fantastic” project to host Samovar, an imprint of Strange Horizons that will focus on speculative fiction in translation. If we raise US$18,000, we’ll publish an inaugural special issue at the end of October, focusing on SF from Spain, to tie in with this year’s Eurocon in Barcelona. If we raise US$21,000, we’ll be able to make Samovar a regular part of the magazine, with new issues at least twice per year. Samovar will pay 6 cents per word each to authors and translators, and will accept submissions of proposed, partial, and completed translations.

Of course, this is great news! I look forward to their first issue!

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