Spotlight: Read Paper Republic

PaperRepublic-LOGORecently, Read Paper Republic, which focuses on Chinese literature in translation, published a series called “Afterlives.” In these stories, “death is merely the beginning” and each is “populated with ghosts, memories, and otherworldly reincarnations.” Below are links to the stories, which are freely available:



“Dragon Boat” by Ge Liang, translated by Karen Curtis (10/27/16)

“Dragonworld” by Zhang Xinxin, translated by Helen Wang (11/3/16)

“Where Did I Lose You?” by Fan Xiaoqing, translated by Paul Harris (11/10/16)

“The Northern Border” by Li Zishu, translated by Joshua Dyer (11/17/16)

“Two Young Women From Fuyang” by Mai Jia, translated by Yu Yan Chen (11/24/16)

“The Path to Freedom” by Tang Fei, translated by Xueting Christine Ni (12/1/16)

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