Worldcon 75 and SFT

If, like me, you weren’t able to attend Worldcon 75 in Helsinki (which just wrapped up today), at least we can all watch some videos taken of cool panels! Here are links to some of the panels that dealt with SF in translation/SF in languages other than English. Enjoy!


“Lost in Mistranslation” with Jan Vaněk jr., J.Robert Tupasela, Lise Andreasen, and Anna Feruglio Dal Dan

“Alien Language in Science Fiction” with Lawrence M. Schoen, David J. Peterson, Stephen W. Potts, Cora Buhlert, and Heather Rose Jones (ok, not exactly SFT, but still…alien language…)

Bao Shu on “Science Fiction and Fantasy From and About the East”

“Finnish Horror” with Marko Hautala, Hanna Morre, Matti Järvinen, Tiina Raevaara

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