Finnish SFT: Tuomainen and Itäranta

Antti Tuomainen

The Healer (2010) by Antti Tuomainen, translated by Lola Rogers (Henry Holt, 2013).

In this chilling dystopian detective story, a man searches for his missing wife in a Helsinki devastated by ruthless climate change, and finds himself on the trail of a serial killer.”





Emmi Itäranta

The City of Woven Streets (US- The Weaver) (2015) by Emmi Itäranta, translated by the author (Harper Voyager, 2016).

“In the City of Woven Streets, human life has little value. You practice a craft to keep you alive, or you are an outcast, unwanted and tainted. Eliana is a young weaver in the House of Webs, but secretly knows she doesn’t really belong there. She is hiding a shameful birth defect that would, if anyone knew about it, land her in the House of the Tainted, a prison for those whose very existence is considered a curse. When an unknown woman with her tongue cut off and Eliana’s name tattooed on her skin arrives at the House of Webs, Eliana discovers an invisible network of power behind the city’s facade. All the while, the sea is clawing the shores and the streets are slowly drowning.”



Memory of Water (2012) by Emmi Itäranta, translated by the author (Harper Voyager, 2014).

“In the far north of the Scandinavian Union, now occupied by the power state of New Qian, seventeen-year-old Noria Kaitio studies to become a tea master like her father. It is a position that holds great responsibility and a dangerous secret. Tea masters alone know the location of hidden water sources, including the natural spring that once provided water for her whole village. When Noria’s father dies, the secret of the spring reaches the new military commander . . . and the power of the army is vast indeed. But the precious water reserve is not the only forbidden knowledge Noria possesses, and resistance is a fine line. Threatened with imprisonment, and with her life at stake, Noria must make an excruciating, dangerous choice between knowledge and freedom.”




“The Bearer of the Bone Harp” by Emmi Itäranta, translated by ? (Giants at the End of the World, 2017)

Never Stop — Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories, edited by Emmi Itäranta, translations by ? (Osuuskumma-kustannus, 2017).



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