November is Spanish SF in Translation Month

spainSo much wonderful Spanish SF in Translation is out this month:

  • we have the latest issue of Strange Horizons, which includes stories, poems, conversations, and reviews from Elia Barcelo, Sofia Rhei, Arrate Hidalgo, and many more, with much of the translation work done by the very talented Lawrence Schimel
  • Wicked Weeds, by Pedro Cabiya, translated by Jessica Powell, from Mandel Vilar Press, is out on the 15th
  • Eurocon 2016 is happening in Barcelona (Nov 4, 5, & 6), and will include the distribution of the Spanish Women of Wonder anthology

And to keep the good times rolling, I’ve posted a challenge on the Speculative Fiction in Translation goodreads group : I challenge you to read at least 3 works of Spanish SFT this month, whether they’re short stories, novels, poems, etc. !

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