New Lyuben Dilov Translation

Translator Andy Erbschloe is making Bulgarian speculative fiction author Lyuben Dilov available to English-language readers! Check out the latest translation of Unfinished Novel of a Student (1986):

From the Introduction:

“… Dilov did address the hypocrisies and excesses of the West, but he himself was a non-partisan and went to great pains in his work to show partiality only to compassion and virtue, as understood by a youth, not an ideologue. Like much of Dilov’s writing, themes of pride, guilt, and justification are discoursed over ample alcohol.

But while the thrust of his arguments is universal and communal, the Bulgarian setting of this novel is more than merely a substrate. This piece roars its Bulgarian expression…

…some parts of this book are set in Bulgaria, some in the asteroid belt of the 24th century. In CHAPTER 7 we are taken into the Labyrinth via an elegantly framed, demythologizing, super spy adventure story. The “real” Labyrinth was solved using a thread from Ariadne, a detail with symbolic value for which the author doesn’t fail to account. Because Dilov, rather than telling the future facing forward, follows the threads back through the endless maze of tragic lies that brought us here, and reminds us that we’ll be looking back on them just as endlessly when the future arrives.

So enjoy this foray into distant lands and distant times, as Dilov brews his subtle heuristic flavors from esoteric spice and the traditional medicines of the Bulgarian spirit(s). The rest is drawn from the well of a perennial philosophy so I’m sure you’ll catch on…”

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