Clelia Farris

Clelia Farris won the Award with the novel Rupes Recta, printed by Delos Books; she won the Odissea Award with the novel Nessun uomo è mio fratello and the Kipple Award with the novel La pesatura dell’anima, setting in a uchronic Egypt. In 2012 Kipple Edizioni published the novel La giustizia di Iside. She was a finalist for the Urania Award, the most important Italian award for science-fiction, with the novel Necrospirante. Clelia lives in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, and she writes full time.

Clelia’s works in English translation are listed below:


Creative Surgery, translated by Rachel Cordasco and Jennifer Delare (Rosarium Publishing, 2020).

In these mind-bending tales, you’ll find captivating characters with elusive identities like Kieser, who longs to transform himself through horrific procedures in “Creative Surgery;” or Yuliano (“Secret Enemy”), a man with no aesthetic taste; or Gabola, engaged in the battle of a lifetime against the expropriation of the Little Tuvu Hill. With dry and polished prose, like the stones of her native Sardinia, Clelia Farris takes us on adventures among the ruins of a future marred by climate change (“A Day to Remember”) and in a haunting prison inhabited by the enigmatic figure of “Rebecca.” Collected and translated into English for the first time, these seven stories represent some of the greatest works from one of Italy’s best science fiction authors.


“A Day to Remember” (Samovar Magazine, 2017)

In a world that is now mostly underwater, one woman helps her friends and neighbors alter their memories.

“The Substance of Ideas” (Future Science Fiction Digest, 2018)

Two friends living on a kibbutz discover a hidden cache of sea urchins that, when eaten, make people go mad.

“Holes” (World Literature Today, 2019)

A self-aware AI attempts to become human.

“Another Place” (Samovar Magazine, 2021)

Stuck in a timeless, placeless limbo, two sometime-lovers conduct an experiment to break free.

“The Words” (Apex Magazine, 2022)

The twin daughters of famous physicists travel back in time to save Anne Frank.

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