NEA Literature Translation Fellowship Recipients and SFT

Congratulations to Amalia Gladhart, Maruxa Relaño, and Anna Guercio Rosenwong for winning NEA Translation Fellowship grants to translate works of international speculative fiction!


To Amalia Gladhart: “To support the translation from the Spanish of the novel Jaguars’ Tomb by Argentine writer Angélica Gorodischer. …Published in 2005, Jaguars’ Tomb is a 218-page novel of three distinct parts that addresses the difficulty of representing absence, including those absences left by the abductions and disappearances that occurred during the military dictatorship in Argentina’s “Dirty War” of 1976-83. Each of the sections repeats images from the others and circles a central space that, though it serves different functions in each section, always has a sense of loss at its center.”

To Maruxa Relaño: “To support the translation from the Spanish of the novel 98 Seconds Without Shade by Bolivian author Giovanna Rivero. Known as the cult author of Bolivian supernatural gothic literature, Rivero (b. 1972) is the author of eight collections of short stories and four novels that explore the dark side of humanity and the limits of the imagination in a world in flux. Her characters include zombies and vampires, mad scientists and deranged psychiatrists, frontier detectives and serial killers. Published in 2014, this novel is an existential bildungsroman seen through the eyes of a teenage girl from a dysfunctional family who longs for escape…”


To Anna Guercio Rosenwong: “To support the translation from the Spanish of the novel The Navel of the Sky by Uruguayan writer Rafael Courtoisie….This novel was born from the author’s visit to La Calera, Chile, where he felt guided through the city by the ghost of writer Roberto Bolaño and asked to write a book that blends reality and surreality. The result is a universe populated with beings both imaginary and easily recognized, including Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, and Augusto Pinochet.”

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