New Collection by Cristina Jurado

Nevsky Books will publish a new collection of stories by Spanish SF author and editor Cristina Jurado in July entitled Alphaland.

“From upgraded humans to individuals living among daydreams, from monsters to fantastic beings, these creatures populate a highly imaginative and evocative world, impregnated by an inspired sense of wonder. Draw near with care and enter Alphaland!”

Cristina Jurado (Madrid, 1972) is a bilingual writer and the editor of SuperSonic Magazine, a Spanish and English venue which has re-energized the Spanish speculative fiction scene. She is the recipient of the Ignotus Prize (Spanish Hugo) for best short story (‘Second Death of the Father’), best non-fiction article, and best magazine. SuperSonic Magazine also won the European Science Fiction Spirit of Dedication Award as best eZine in 2016. She lives in Dubai, and works for Apex Magazine as editor for fiction in translation. Cristina was also the driving force behind Alucinadas (Palabaristas), the first anthology of female Spanish science fiction short stories, translated into English as Spanish Women of Wonder,Alphaland includes translations (by James Womack) and stories written originally in English by the author.

Check it out and pre-order here!

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