New Translation Imprint: Clarkesworld Books

Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld Magazine has launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote Clarkesworld Books “as a translation-focused imprint of Wyrm Publishing… [which] will focus on the translation and publication of science fiction novellas, anthologies, and short story collections from all over the world.”

The focus of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise money to produce the imprint’s first book, Xia Jia’s A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight and Other Stories, the first English language collection by the Chinese author whose previous translated stories have appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine and elsewhere.



Contents: (Story titles of currently untranslated works may change.)

  • Introduction by Ken Liu
  • A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight (translated by Ken Liu)
  • Heat Island (translated by Ken Liu)
  • Night Journey of the Dragon-Horse (translated by Ken Liu)
  • Tick-Tock (translated by Emily Jin)
  • The Demon-Enslaving Flask (translated by Linda Rui Feng)
  • The Psychology Game (translated by Emily Jin and Ken Liu)
  • Eternal Summer Dream (translated by Carmen Yiling Yan)
  • A Time Beyond Your Reach (translated by Carmen Yiling Yan)
  • On Miluo River (translated by Emily Jin)
  • Meeting Anna (translated by Emily Jin)
  • Up in The Air (translated by Emily Jin)
  • Light of Their Days (translated by Emily Jin)
  • All You Need Is Love (translated by Emily Jin)

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