Review: You Glow in the Dark by Liliana Colanzi

translated by Chris Andrews

original publication (in Spanish): 2022

this edition: New Directions, 2024

grab a copy here or through your local independent bookstore or library

“Liliana Colanzi’s first collection in English, Our Dead World (2017), was so intriguing and strange that, when I found out about her second collection, You Glow in the Dark, I nearly jumped through the computer to get a copy. In that first book, Colanzi imagined, among other things, a cold, lonely colony on Mars; a meteorite potentially controlled by aliens; and a girl pushed into a nervous breakdown by her fanatical mother (à la Stephen King’s Carrie [1974]). You Glow in the Dark offers readers a similarly vibrant and diverse constellation of stories, but here Colanzi is also playing with time…”

Read my review on Strange Horizons.

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