Brian Stableford and French SFT


A prolific sf author in his own right, Brian Stableford has also translated an astonishingly large number of works of early French speculative fiction for Black Coat Press. And when I say “astonishingly large,” I mean there are so many stories and novels that I’m just going to list a selection here. He’s also written several articles about this fascinating time in the formation of the genre for the New York Review of Science Fiction.


“The French Origin of the Science Fiction Genre,” NYRSF, 2/25/12

“Notes on the Origins of the Term “Scientific Romance” and Its Implications for the Development of Science Fiction,” NYRSF, 5/5/13

“The Appealed Apocalypse: Edgar Quinet’s Ahasvérus and the Uncertain Future,” NYRSF, 8/4/13

“Reconfiguring the Wisdom of the Ancients: Annotated Poetry, Erasmus Darwin, and the Evolution of Scientific Romance,” NYRSF, 4/13/14

“The Perils of Prophecy 2: The Great Indifference of the World,” NYRSF, 1/11/16

“Nightmares of a Utopian: The Science Fiction of Régis Messac,” NYRSF, 7/4/16

“Madame De Villeneuve and the Origins of the Fantasy Novel” NYRSF, 2/26/17







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    Thank you for your notice. I believe we are the premier publisher of translated French SF, fantasy, mystery, popular literature, etc in the US with well over 400 titles in our catalog.

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