Danish SFT: Jensen, Holm, Bodelsen

tr. 1922-24

The Long Journey: Fire and Ice (1919) by Johannes V. Jensen, translated by Arthur G. Chater (Gyldendal, 1922).

The Cimbrians: The Long Journey II (1922) by Johannes V. Jensen, translated by Arthur G. Chater (Gyldendal, 1923).

Christopher Columbus: The Long Journey III (1924) by Johannes V. Jensen, translated by Arthur G. Chater (Gyldendal, 1924).


“an epic myth spanning humanity’s evolution in Darwinian terms from its origins in a temperate Scandinavian Eden before the Ice Age, where a Prometheus figure introduces technology, through to the threshold of modern times with the explorations of Christopher Columbus; inventions frequently punctuate the tale, thrusting humanity upwards. The translated portions were later released as The Long Journey (omni 1933)”- SFE



Termush (1967) by Sven Holm, translated by Sylvia Clayton (Faber and Faber, 1969)


“tells of the Post-Holocaust psychological problems encountered by a group of rich survivors dwelling in their luxury shelter after a nuclear World War Three. While bona fide sf, Termush is also a parable of the alienation of modern, materialistic Man”- SFE




Freezing Down (1969) by Anders Bodelsen, translated by Joan Tate (Harper & Row, 1971)


“Its protagonist is incurably sick, and is frozen until he can be cured. The world to which he awakens, complexly and satirically described in Bodelsen’s intense manner, offers him ambivalent (and restricted) choices between an idle life (with death inevitable) and a life of drudgery (with access to spare parts). It is a dark story, told urgently, using a wide range of literary techniques.”- SFE

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