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Danish SFT: Svend Åge Madsen

  Svend Åge Madsen (b. 1939, Ǻrhus, Denmark) studied mathematics and physics before becoming a writer. He’s written novels, short stories, children and youth books, plays for theatres, radio and television.           BOOKS AND STORIES BY SVEND ǺGE MADSEN AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH   Virtue and Vice in the Middle Time (1976)

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Danish SFT: Sky City, Bergsøe, Lundberg

Sky City: New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors, ed. Carl-Eddy Skovgaard (Science Fiction Cirklen, 2011) Summaries of stories (from SF2 Concatenation review): “Sky City” by Manfred Christiansen. A woman wakes up in a tall skyscraper built by nanobots. Do they want something with her? This is the title story for the volume and sets

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