Out This Month: September


“The Winter Garden” by Regina Kanyu Wang, translated from the Chinese by Emily Jin (Clarkesworld, September 1).






The Truth and Other Stories by Stanislaw Lem, translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones (MIT Press, September 14).

Of these twelve short stories by science fiction master Stanisław Lem, only three have previously appeared in English, making this the first “new” book of fiction by Lem since the late 1980s. The stories display the full range of Lem’s intense curiosity about scientific ideas as well as his sardonic approach to human nature, presenting as multifarious a collection of mad scientists as any reader could wish for. Many of these stories feature artificial intelligences or artificial life forms, long a Lem preoccupation; some feature quite insane theories of cosmology or evolution. All are thought-provoking and scathingly funny.




More Zion’s Fiction: Wondrous Tales from the Israeli ImagiNation, edited by Emmanuel Lottem and Sheldon Teitelbaum, translated from the Hebrew by Emmanuel Teitelbaum (Zion’s Fiction Partners, September 15).

MZF will feature a foreword by David Brin, an afterword by Marleen S. Barr, a new intro by the editors, and stories by Elana Gomel, Keren Landsman, Guy Hasson, Nadav Almog, Hila Benyovitz-Hoffman, Avram Davidson, Rami Shalheveth, Lili Daie, Pesakh Amnuel, Hamutal Levin, Gail Hareven, Assaf Gavron, Galit Dahan Carlibach, Yael Furman, Daphne Feldman, and Rotem Baruchin. The book will also include a short essay by Ehud Maimon.





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