SFT in The Silent Garden Volume 1

The Silent Garden: A Journal of Esoteric Fabulism, Volume 1, is available for pre-order here.

This new publication is a “peer-reviewed journal of esoteric fabulism, edited and curated by the Silent Garden Collective, a professional group of editors, writers, and scholars interested in exploring those liminal borderlands where darkness bends. The Collective’s aim is to provide an annual journal of exceptional writing and art focussed on horror and the numinous, the fabulist, the uncanny, the weird, the gnostic, the avant-garde, the esoteric, and the dark interstices of the known and unknown world. Each volume of The Silent Garden will feature original, translated, and reprint fiction and non-fiction, including; film and book reviews; essays; opinion and commentary; as well as poetry and art. All contributions to the journal are peer-reviewed and vetted by the Silent Garden Collective.”

The inaugural issue includes two works of SFT:

“Waystations of the High Night,” by Marcel Brion (Translated by Edward Gauvin)

“La Tierra Blanca,” by Maurizio Cometto (Translated by Rachel S. Cordasco)

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