Romanian SFT: Anthologies (Part IV)

Galaxy 42: Collected Stories, eds. Daniel Timariu and Cristian Vicol (Galaxy 42 Magazine, 2020).

“Love According to ‘Ticks'” by Danut Ungureanu
“God of Tears” by Milos Dumbraci
“The Fifth Season” by Teodora Matei
“The Ritual” by Cristian Vicol
“The Source Code of Humanity” by Boris Velimirovici
“Bug” by Alex Lamba
“Bodies to Let” by Daniel Timariu
“The Recluse” by George Cornila
“Beyond the Horizon” by Lucian-Dragos Bogdan
“One Night and One Day With Pavel Chinezu” by Lucian-Vasile Szabo


Galaxy 42: Collected Stories (2), eds. Daniel Timariu and Cristian Vicol (Galaxy 42 Magazine, 2020).

[same stories as Galaxy 42: Collected Stories with the following additions:]

“All Satan’s Gold” by Cătălina Fometici
“Apollo’s Fortress” by Ciprian-Ionuț Baciu
“MMXI” by Silviu Genescu, translated by Magda Groza and/or Mihaela Mudure and/or Alexandru Solomon and/or Samuel Onn






Carpathica 2020, edited by ? (Century Benchmark Publishing, 2020).

“Stellavirus” by Cristian Carstoiu
“The Saurians of Time” by Aurel Carasel, translated by Cezar Ionescu
“The Metamorphis Effect” by Florin Giurca
“Mole People” by
“Waterproof Castle”
“This Story is Here to Stay”
“As Days Go By”
“Country of the Dead”

“A carefully chosen anthology of Romanian short science-fiction stories, featuring “Stellavirus” with an intriguing theory about the Corona virus pandemic. You’ll also find out the relationship between the dinosaurs and the Neanderthal Man, how mathematics and the Stonehenge monument help space-time travel, the future of mankind as wandering crystals or what the end of the world will look like. If you like the genre, this anthology is a feast of well-written literature.”

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