Out This Month: August



“An Instance” by Mlok 5, translated from the Czech by Julie Nováková (Clarkesworld, August 1).


“The Serpentine Band” by Congyun ‘Mu Ming’ Gu, translated from the Chinese by Tian Huang (Clarkesworld, August 1).



“Now You Feel It” by Andrea Chapela, translated from the Spanish by Emma Törzs (Lightspeed, August).







2 comments on “Out This Month: August”

  1. Kyle E Miller Reply

    I just wanted to drop in and tell you your work here doesn't go unnoticed! I look forward to news of new releases each month, and enjoy your coverage of reviews and miscellany as well. Keep it up. Maybe I'll pitch you a review or two one day if I can get my mind to it.

    Thank you!
    www kyle-e-miller.com

    • Rachel Cordasco Reply

      Thank you for your note, Kyle, and thank you for following the site!! Please do send me reviews!

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