Clelia Farris’s Creative Surgery



Award-winning Italian author Clelia Farris’s collection, Creative Surgery (translated from the Italian by myself and Jennifer Delare) came out a few months ago from Rosarium Publishing and is getting some much-deserved attention (I know, I’m biased! But really, her work is fantastic). Here are links to four reviews:



Publishers Weekly starred review: “Farris has the gift of making her wildly imaginative worlds feel fully lived-in. Readers of literary science fiction will devour this collection.”

Nicole Beck’s review on Strange Horizons: “To read these stories is to engage in deduction, to exercise both the brain and the imagination, and to be transported to intensely imagined settings as a result.”

Karen Burnham’s review in Locus: “Creative Surgery is Italian author Clelia Far­ris‘s debut collection [in English]…and it’s a great start.”

Daniel Haeusser, Reading 1000 Lives:Creative Surgery by Clelia Farris may be a slim volume, but the collection of seven short stories packs a density and intensity that demands vigilant attention and careful reading. But, that requirement for focus will be greatly rewarded: with profound and provocative insights into her characters, wonderment at the speculatively imaginative worlds she paints, and dazzlement at the literary finesse she employs to accomplish it all.”

John Folk-Williams, SciFi Mind: “Little did I know for about half the book that I had landed in the mind of Clelia Farris. Her bizarre characters and settings seem at first impossible, off the wall. But slowly I sank into each of the stories in this amazing collection, translated beautifully by Rachel Cordasco and Jennifer Delare, and gradually fitted myself into their strange reality. Now I’m hoping more of her unique work will soon find its way into English translations.”




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