Out This Month: July



“The Strange Girl” by Xiu Xinyu, translated from the Chinese by Emily Jin (Clarkesworld, July 1).






“The Tin Pilot” by K. A. Teryna, translated from the Russian by Alex Shvartsman (Asimov’s, July/August).







New Voices in Chinese Science Fiction, eds. Neil Clarke, Xia Jia, Regina Kanyu Wang (Clarkesworld Books, July 7).

“Science fiction is international in scope, but many works are often unavailable to readers because of language barriers or the costs involved in transcending them. In the eleven years I’ve been publishing science fiction works from China, I’ve had the privilege of working with and featuring stories by both of my co-editors, as well as dozens of other authors. Anthologies and projects like this one are an editor’s joy. We’ve been given the opportunity to shine a light on eight Chinese authors that have not been previously published (at that time) in English. Authors you should know about. New voices, or at least new to you.” —Neil Clarke











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