SFT in the latest issue of World Lit Today

wltThe latest issue of World Literature Today focuses on “Dystopian Visions” and includes a lot of SF in Translation (reviews, interviews, and essays)!


Review: Randiant Terminus by Antoine Volodine, translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman

Review: Iraq + 100: Stories From a Century After the Invasion edited by Hassan Blasim

Review: The Doomed City and The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn by Arkady Strugatsky & Boris Strugatsky, translated by Andrew Bromfield and Josh Billings

Fiction: “The Objects” by Yuri Herrera, translated by Lisa Dillman

Interview: “Exorcising Cuba’s Future: A Conversation with Yoss,” by David Shook

Fiction: “Scenes from the Life of an Autocrat,” by Basma Abdel Aziz, translated by Elisabeth Jaquette

Fiction: “Cyber-proletarian,” by Claudia Salazar Jiménez, translated by George Henson


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