Clelia Farris and Italian SFT

Award-winning Italian science fiction author Clelia Farris has a collection of stories coming out in English in September from Rosarium Publishing. Jennifer Delare translated the title story and yours truly translated the other six stories.

The collection received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which said, in part: “Across all seven marvelous tales, Farris effortlessly melds near-future settings, a fabulist tone, and magical, bizarre details: including sea urchins that can confer skills like knitting or poker playing; a university full of feral, borderline cannibalistic biologists; and a computer capable of editing human memory contained inside a marble. Farris has the gift of making her wildly imaginative worlds feel fully lived-in. Readers of literary science fiction will devour this collection.”

If you enjoy thought-provoking science fiction with a surrealist twist, get thyself to Rosarium’s website/your local bookstore/library and pre-order/request this collection of fantastic tales.

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