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Finnish SFT: Vainonen, Lindstedt, Sammelkorpi

The Explorer and Other Stories by Jyrki Vainonen, translated by Juha Tupasela, Anna Volmari, and Hildi Hawkins (Cheeky Frawg Books, 2013). stories included: “The Explorer” (also included in The Dedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy) “Blueberries” (also included in The Dedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy) “The Aquarium” “The Pearl” “The Garden” (also included in It Came

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Finnish SFT: Risto Isomäki

    The Sands of Sarasvati (2005) by Risto Isomäki, translated by Owen F. Witesman (Into Publishing, 2013). “Indian scientists discover a vast stretch of underwater ruins at the West Coast of India. Have they found Atlantis, the fabled sunken continent? Marine archaeologist Amrita Desai and Russian submarine expert Sergei Savelnikov investigate the underwater ruins,

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Out This Month: April

FICTION “The Wings of Earth” by Jiang Bo, translated from the Chinese by Andy Dudak (Clarkesworld Magazine, April 1)         “Fifth: You Shall Not Waste” by Piero Schiavo Campo, translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb (Akashic Books, April)       “Taklamakan Misdelivery” by Bae Myung-hoon, translated from the Korean by

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