Out This Month: June



“The Peppers of GreenScallion” by Myung-hoon Bae, translated from the Korean by Jihyun Park and Gord Sellar (Clarkesworld Magazine, June 1).




“Customer” by Lee Jong San, translated from Korean by Victoria Caudle, Words Without Borders, June.




“Americans on the Moon” by Oleg Divov, translated from the Russian by Alex Shvartsman, Future Science Fiction Digest, June.

“Love in the Time of Con Crud” by Elena Pavlova, translated from the Bulgarian by Elena Pavlova & Kalin M. Nenov, Future Science Fiction Digest, June.

“Waking in the Cold and the Dark” by Lü Momo, translated from the Chinese by Nathan Faries, Future Science Fiction Digest, June.



“The Soldier” by Swylmar dos Santos Ferreira, translated from the Portuguese by Toshiya Kamei, Teleport Magazine, June.




Harbart by Nabarun Bhattacharya, translated from the Bengali by Sunandini Banerjee (New Directions, June 25).







The Book of Disappearance by Ibtisam Azem, translated from Arabic by Sinan Antoon (Syracuse University Press, June 14).








Sean Guynes reviews Mars in Strange Horizons






Gary Wolfe reviews Broken Stars in Locus






Tony Malone reviews Flowers of Mold on Tony’s Reading List







“A Typescript Found in a Folder” by Stanisław Bereś, translated from the Polish by Daniel J. Sax (on Stanislaw Lem’s “The Hunt”)

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