Out This Month: January


“Chronotope” by Raul Ciannella, translated from the Italian by Rachel Cordasco (Ab Terra 2020, January 26).

A small team enslaved to data entry roles by an AI system manages to break out by combining their “alienating habits,” which allow them to work at super-fast speeds.






The Route of Ice and Salt by José Luis Zárate, translated from the Spanish (Mexico) by David Bowles (Innsmouth Free Press, January 19)

A reimagining of Dracula’s voyage to England, filled with Gothic imagery and queer desire.





Mountains Oceans Giants: An Epic of the 27th Century by Alfred Döblin, translated from the German by Chris Godwin (Galileo Publishers, January 21)

The 27th century: beleaguered elites decide to melt the Greenland icecap. Why? – to open up a new continent, for colonisation by the unruly masses. How? – by harvesting the primordial heat of the Earth from Iceland’s volcanoes. Nature fights back, and it all goes horribly wrong…




Robot by Adam Wisniewski-Snerg, translated from the Polish by ? (Penguin UK, January 28).

The first English-language publication of one of the greatest Polish science fiction novels of all time. Is BER-64 a human or a machine? As he navigates the corridors and locked rooms of a strange bunker, he must solve the mysteries of murderous doppelgangers, a slow-motion city on the verge of destruction, and ultimately, the all-powerful Mechanism itself…Considered to be one of the most important and original Polish science fiction novels of all time but never before translated into English, Adam Wisniewski-Snerg’s debut novel is a haunting and mind-bending masterpiece of philosophical enquiry that penetrates deep into the heart of what it means to be human.






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