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SF To Be Translated

I’ve added a new page to this site that I’m calling “To Be Translated”: it’s a list of works of speculative fiction that have yet to be translated into English. Hopefully this list will lead to more translations! Let me know what I should add 🙂

Spotlight: Read Paper Republic

Recently, Read Paper Republic, which focuses on Chinese literature in translation, published a series called “Afterlives.” In these stories, “death is merely the beginning” and each is “populated with ghosts, memories, and otherworldly reincarnations.” Below are links to the stories, which are freely available:     “Dragon Boat” by Ge Liang, translated by Karen Curtis

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SPOTLIGHT: Small Blue Planet Podcast Episodes

Ok, so I’m three years late to this party, but I recently devoured the six episodes of “Small Blue Planet,” hosted by Cheryl Morgan and produced by Karen Burnham via the Locus Roundtable blog. Each episode focuses on a different country and features two guests who discuss the speculative fiction and translation scenes in those

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