Out This Month: July


“Wu Ding’s Journey to the West” by Tang Fei, translated from the Chinese by Andy Dudak (Clarkesworld, July 1).

“Flowers on My Face” by Geo-il Bok, translated from the Korean by Elisa Sinn and Justin Howe (Clarkesworld, July 1).

“One in a Million” by Rodrigo Juri, translated from the Spanish by the author (Clarkesworld, July 1).



“The Dead Kings” by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría, translated from the Spanish by David Bowles (The Dark, July).





“The Grand Experiment” by Alberto Chimal, translated from the Spanish by George Henson (World Literature Today, July).






“The Slave” by Andrej Kokoulin, translated from the Russian by Alex Shvartsman (F&SF, July/August).







Shadows of the Short Days by Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson, translated from the Icelandic by the author (?) (Gollancz, July 11).





Legend of the Galactic Heroes Volume 9: Upheaval by Yoshiki Tanaka, translated by Matt Treyvaud (Haikasoru, July 16).





The Redemption of Time by Baoshu, translated from the Chinese by Ken Liu (Tor, July 16).







The Big Book of Classic Fantasy, eds. Jeff and Ann VanderMeer (Vintage, July 2).






Rachel Cordasco reviews Dark Constellations in WLT






Michael Morrison reviews The Memory Police in WLT






Rachel Cordasco reviews Waste Tide in WLT






Julie Ann Ward reviews Mouthful of Birds in WLT






Michael Orthofer reviews Kthulhu Reich on The Complete Review






Rachel Cordasco reviews A Bond Undone on Strange Horizons

2 comments on “Out This Month: July”

  1. Neil Clarke Reply

    There was one more in this month's Clarkesworld:
    "One in a Million" by Rodrigo Juri, translated from Spanish. Translated by the author. (That's why we didn't list a translator.)

    • Rodrigo Juri Reply

      Thank you to Rachel Cordasco for everything; I mean, this website it´s great indeed. And thank you to you, Neil, for publishing my story in the first place. Yes, there was an instant of sadness when I saw that my story was not here in the list, I must confess. Ideas that came to my mind as possible reasons could be seeds for future SF/mystery stories. But later, I understood the problem (this thing about being the translator of oneself). Thank again, Rachel, for adding my story.

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